I want to ensure that we enjoy an amazing time together, so please have a quick read of this page prior to meeting with me.
It’s best to get business out of the way first so that we can relax and enjoy our time together. My payment should be received at the beginning of our date. Please have my fee in an unsealed envelope in an obvious spot, or you can also hand it directly to me. I will likely excuse myself to count the payment, so please allow me to do so privately.
Please be aware that our time begins once we’re in each other’s company – it doesn’t start once we’re in the bedroom.
If you’re running late or cannot make your booking, please just send me a text/email to let me know. I completely understand that things come up, although if you’re cancelling, I appreciate as much notice as possible, as I plan my entire day around seeing you.
I would love to stay with you longer, so if you think you may like to extend, please plan ahead and bring additional cash, as I currently don’t have facilities for credit card payments.
I kindly request that bookings over 3 hours include some form of food. Room service or nibbles are completely fine, but I do need to eat to keep my energy levels up in order to be the best possible company for you!
I do not expect gifts, although as a hopeless romantic, I am completely wooed by flowers, a card, or macarons. Please see my wishlist page if you’d like to bring me a more lavish gift – I would be completely humbled and extremely appreciative.
Please note that I do not engage in any rough-play, and I expect to be treated respectfully at all times. In return, I will always show you respect and give you my undivided attention. If any behaviour occurs that makes me feel unsafe, I am at perfect liberty to terminate the booking without a refund.
Some bookings will require a deposit, particularly bookings for my tours. I will advise you if a deposit is required, with the appropriate amount and payment instructions once you’ve decided on a day/time.
Whilst I’ve not been a fan of the review culture, I’ve recently decided to allow tasteful testimonials on Scarlet Blue only. If you’ve enjoyed our time together, I would be delighted if you could leave me some thoughtful words. Please ensure that no explicit details are shared, but rather write about your experience with me and your enjoyment of our time together, and an overview of my appearance/likeness to my photos, professionalism, and personality.








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